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We can quickly build teams and find suitable candidates in IT, business, finance and other fields .

Direct Search

This is a key method of working for Professionals teams, with recruiters and headhunters directly approaching shortlisted candidates for specialist, expert and managerial positions. Often these are candidates who are not active in the job market and it is not initially clear whether they are open to a career change at all. 

Executive Search

Executive Search refers to projects focused on direct searches for candidates for senior management and top management roles. Roles are often not advertised and candidates are always approached by a dedicated senior consultant. Regular reporting is a standard part of the project, including information on the status of the project, the situation of the identified candidates and ongoing or planned activities. 


Shared Services Centers (SSCs) provide internal centralized services within multinational corporations, e.g. for German-speaking countries, most often in the areas of finance, purchasing, customer service or HR. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies provide similar services on the external market to their clients. Our recruiters have been working on SSC & BPO projects since 2014 and have successfully placed hundreds of qualified candidates speaking 18 different languages with clients. 

IT Recruitment

A specific area of recruitment where the key to success is not only working with alternative sources, but especially the ability to attract candidates. Through long-term relationships, our IT recruiters gain detailed knowledge of our clients' corporate culture, the type and attractiveness of projects and the opportunities to develop their skills that open up for successful candidates. As part of IT recruitment projects, our specialists search for software developers, data analysts, infrastructure specialists, ERP system consultants and other professionals. 


Outsourcing part or all of the internal recruitment process, including administration and onboarding. Our specialists will take over or optimize your internal recruitment processes and work off-site or on-site together with your hiring managers. Thanks to our know-how, market-specific insight, flexible capacity and precise mix of resources, we can quickly fill multiple roles and find experts and managers. 

Foreign employees from EU and 3rd countries 

We can arrange the recruitment and visa process for employees across countries around the world. Thanks to our international branch network, we will find you suitable candidates. Our branch network is located in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Serbia and Romania. We work with other partners around the world who can help with recruitment in countries such as Georgia, Philippines, Moldova, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Indonesia and more.

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Types of employment


Short-term employment up to 90 days, no extension; only repeat returns possible under the 90/180 rule. This type of worker visa is optimal for employees from non-EU European countries. Entry is possible from as early as 2 months.


Government Skilled/Highly Skilled Employee Program.

Skilled Employee Programme

Position CZ-ISCO 4-8, direct employer, territorial restrictions, salary criteria.

Highly Skilled Employee Programme

The CZ-ISCO occupational classifications perform activities in the main classes 1-3 in manufacturing, services or the public sector.


All positions, even for employment agencies, territorial restrictions.


Long-term employment for up to 2 years for highly qualified persons with a university degree. This position must qualify for a minimum gross salary of CZK 60 530.

Interim Management

With our Interim Management service, we can supply you with specialist staff for positions that are not currently available internally, in addition to management positions. You can also use the service in situations where you just don't have the option of standard recruitment, for example when it is impossible to increase the headcount.

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Benefits of Interim Management

  • We operate throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • We have our own database of candidates.
  • We can arrange for the employee to start most positions within 5 days of ordering.
  • We continuously take care of the delivered employee throughout the entire period of cooperation.
  • For many positions, we can arrange for an employee to start within 2 days.
  • We have 250,000 specialists in our database.

IT Bodyshopping

Thanks to our IT Bodyshopping service, we can help you when there is a current shortage of IT professionals to help with a specific project. Each specialist supplied under this service has a clearly defined scope of work and time horizon for cooperation.

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Benefits of IT Bodyshopping

  • The biggest advantage of the solution is the speed of filling the position.
  • Saving you the cost of finding an employee.
  • More flexibility.
  • Adding a specialist with a currently missing specialty.
  • Use of a specialist for a limited and predefined period.
  • We have 45,000 IT specialists in our database.

Blue Perm

Manuvia has specialists who focus on recruiting for blue collar positions (operators, warehouse workers, welders, electricians and other operational positions with technical knowledge and experience). For these recruitments, we apply direct search methods, i.e. direct approach to selected candidates. We work with our internal resources and database to recommend candidates of the quality you require, as quickly as possible. 


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