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Temporary agents

Temporary agents

We can help you cover staffing fluctuations in production with our short and long-term loan service.

Blue Staffing 

We can recruit temporary blue-collar workers for you. These are people doing physical work (production worker, warehouse worker, etc.). It is a temporary assignment service where the employer is the agency and the user is the client. The blue colour and hence the term 'blue collar' is not chosen at random, but refers to the blue work clothes of the workers - overalls.

White collar staffing

We will source, agency recruit and temporarily assign not only admin roles but also qualified professionals in middle and senior management (white collar). White Collar Staffing is the optimal option in the event of a "hiring freeze" or a solution for a shortage of "headcounts".

Master Vendor

This is a modern approach in a multi-supplier group. The concept is based on the reorganization and transfer of selected processes of the HR department, production and supplier-user relations under a selected leading agency, which becomes the so-called Master Vendor.  

High Volume Recruitment

We can also handle the recruitment of a large number of candidates for your company. As part of High Volume Recruitment, we will supply you with suitable candidates for the position, either on a temporary assignment or as a permanent member of staff.  


If you as a company have internal FTEs, we are able to outsource HR care of your current employees if required, or take them directly into agency status under our company. 

Foreign employees from EU and 3rd countries 

We can arrange the recruitment and visa process for employees across countries around the world. Thanks to our international branch network, we will find you suitable candidates. Our branch network is located in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Serbia and Romania. We work with other partners around the world who can help with recruitment in countries such as Georgia, Philippines, Moldova, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Indonesia and more.

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Types of employment


Short-term employment up to 90 days, no extension; only repeat returns possible under the 90/180 rule. This type of worker visa is optimal for employees from non-EU European countries. Entry is possible from as early as 2 months.


Government Skilled/Highly Skilled Employee Program.

Skilled Employee Programme

Position CZ-ISCO 4-8, direct employer, territorial restrictions, salary criteria.

Highly Skilled Employee Programme

The CZ-ISCO occupational classifications perform activities in the main classes 1-3 in manufacturing, services or the public sector.


All positions, even for employment agencies, territorial restrictions.


Long-term employment for up to 2 years for highly qualified persons with a university degree. This position must qualify for a minimum gross salary of CZK 60 530.


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