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History of MANUVIA

Our significant historical milestones

In everyone's life we find important moments that shape our personality. In the same way, the face of our company Manuvia has been built over more than 20 years of practice. We have become professionals in HR services with the benefit of a multinational company. Each milestone has pushed the Manuvia team further into the top tier of HR.

Manuvia history

The origin of the company

This is where it all begins. The first cornerstone for the future Manuvia. The origins of the company were in Slovakia, from where the company gradually expanded internationally through the Czech Republic.

Manuvia history

Millionth employee delivered

This year we have achieved a business record at Manuvia. We specialize in staffing both within the CEE region and throughout the EU.

Manuvia history


Our portfolio of services continues to expand. We offer new applicants not only temporary assignments but also tribal jobs.

Manuvia history

Entering the Hungarian market

We have established an office in Budapest. The office specializes in IT recruitment, recruiting engineers for production and development centers. The team has significant assignments for the banking or real estate market.

Manuvia history

Custom CRM solution

Our IT team has built its own CRM system, which it is constantly developing and improving in light of the trend towards digitalisation. The CRM is used for recruitment and service as well as a management tool.

Manuvia history

Entering the Polish market

Our branch portfolio has been expanded to include another important country - Poland. We are able to supply our clients with the necessary workforce and we are a partner to candidates in their job search.

Manuvia history


We are adapting to market demand and adding another important chapter in services. Solveo, a company focused on outsourcing production, quality control and logistics, is created.

Manuvia history

Company reorganisation

For better clarity in our large international company, the structure has been reorganised. Changes included, for example, the districts and the strategic location of the branches.

Manuvia history

Entering the German market

We have added the German labour market to the existing countries. We provide complete service and care for our employees - from transport to accommodation.

Manuvia history

Company Rebrand

A big step for the whole company when we decided to rebrand the brand - we are more modern and memorable. There has also been a clear division of the Manuvia Group divisions.

Manuvia heroes

New divisions and communication style

The company is expanding its operations with new divisions Interim and Infinity Marketing. Furthermore, there has been a significant change in the graphic style of communication.

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