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Outsourcing of production

This is a complete production at the customer's site or at our own premises. We are certified ISO 9001.  

Outsourcing of quality control  

We provide input, intermediate and output quality control. The service includes functional testing, rework, customized reports and provision of resident engineers.  

Outsourcing logistics 

Within the framework of outsourcing logistics, we provide you with operational and process audit of production (logistics), critical evaluation of the current state, standardization of serial / custom work, design of optimal settings, management of implementation of the implemented designs and human resources.


Outsourcing part or all of the internal recruitment process, including administration and onboarding. Our specialists will take over or optimize your internal recruitment processes and work off-site or on-site together with your hiring managers. Thanks to our know-how, market insight, flexible capacity and precisely selected combination of resources, we can quickly fill a larger number of roles and search for experts and managers. 


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