What is Manuvia? You will find out in the video

9. September 2018

Manuvia – A reliable supplier of your employees

Our Manuvia company is a leader in the market of personnel leasing with a focus in six countries of Central and Eastern Europe focused on ensuring employees and managing human resources. We provide a wide range of services from searching, recruiting, and gaining permanent employees after training and consultation in the area of personnel strategies. Our first aim is to ensure businesses and manufacturers with suitable workers, in any number and for a short time, while offering professional services and care for the keeping of temporary employees.

  • We are employing over 12,000 stable employees, especially in the automobile production, electrotechnical and engineering industry.
  • Our team consists of more than 100 recruitment workers for 50 branches in 6 countries.
  • 500 coordinators take care about our employes 24 hours a day.
  • Every week we process more than 20,000 phone calls and 5,000 job interviews monthly.
  • Our internal database includes about 500,000 business contacts.
  • We have our own accommodation capacity of 6,000 beds.
  • We travel with our employees weekly more than 15,000 km.

Searching for employees? Leave it to Manuvia

Are you missing a workforce in your company or business? Contact Manuvia and our professionals will be able to provide you with reliable local and foreign employees at any time. Our job is to effectively fill your missing job positions and meet all your requirements. Book your free consultation right now.

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