We have up to 300 tested employees from Serbia. Hire them now!

15. February 2019

We have good news. We can supply you with high-quality loyal employees from Serbia within one month. We have tested all of them for fine motor skills, and colour perception have ready their visa documentation. They are ideal candidates especially for work in the electrical, automotive industries and logistics.

Serbian job candidates have passed demanding tests

All candidates have been tested for repair of a consumer electronics for a well-known world brand whose requirements were high. The company showed interest in employing a significant number of people; however, they cut the numbers in the last minute. Three hundred certified job candidates passed both time-consuming and process-intensive tests and are immediately ready for employment.

We tested 1200 potential candidates in Serbia in the last two months, yet only 300 of them have met the conditions. We have conducted tests for fine motor skills, visual inspection and colour perception. Job candidates had the task of screwing small screws, compiling jigsaw puzzles and comparing pictures–everything within the time limit.

Are you looking for quality employees? You don’t have to!

Save your time and money looking for loyal and skilled employees in the region. Whether you need to increase your production by 10 or 100 workers, Serbian candidates are the ideal choice! Moreover, we will handle everything for you – from administration to comprehensive visa documentation that our professional visa team will provide you with. Request a free consultation!

Six reasons why it is worth employing Serbian workers:

  • They have a minimal fluctuation – according to the statistics of our clients, Serbian employees have a fluctuation of 2.5 %. They can save you up to 31 % of the cost every year.
  • They learn fast – a high percentage of Serbian employees are candidates with higher education.
  • They have good attendance and are interested in overtimes. The average wage in Serbia is lower than in the EU countries. The overtime wage is, therefore, a motivation for these employees.
  • They have a lower error rate – Thanks to the education and the enthusiasm to work they perform their job better.
  • They are ideal for seasonal work – thanks to the seasonal work permit, you can hire them when you need to cover an increased increase in production.
  • We can deliver 50+ employees at once – Do you need to add a workforce during the season to cover increased production growth? We can get it for you in Serbia without any problem!


Reach us today, and have new and already tested employees from Serbia within 30 days!

Request a free consultation or contact Alexander Szabo, our Business Development Manager:

email: alexander.szabo@manuvia.com
phone number: +421 948 801 888


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