The first ‘Manuvia HR Breakfast’ has joined the HR community in western Slovakia

7. January 2019

By the end of the year, we organised the first Manuvia HR Breakfast in Malacky. Its goal was to bring together the HR community and our experts for recruitment in Slovakia and abroad.

Alexander Szabo, Manuvia’s Business Development Manager for Slovakia, and the author of the event: “The idea to create Manuvia HR Breakfast originated because of the current labour market situation and legislative changes in HR. The need to communicate and share experiences has brought me the idea of organising open networking among staff.”

More than 20 people from the automotive industry, logistics, FMCG and others attended the event. We discussed workers from Slovakia, European Union countries such as Romania, Poland, but the most pressing issue was the employment of Serbs, Ukrainians and Georgians from the so-called third countries. Guests had the opportunity to taste a rich menu of dishes and delicious Italian coffee.

“Employees from countries outside the European Union value working abroad. We are trying to select adequate and well-qualified candidates for our clients,” said Stanislav Klembara, Manuvia’s Country Manager for Serbia and Ukraine, appreciating the interest in employing candidates from third countries. Manuvia has employed Serbian workers since June 2017. So far, we have found work for more than 2,000 candidates in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the number of attendees at Manuvia HR Breakfast. We greatly appreciate their interest in getting new information and sharing their own experiences. We believe that this event has the potential for an open discussion with the HR community to address current issues and situations in the labour market as well as the applicability of legislation in practice. So that’s why we look forward to the next Manuvia HR Breakfast in the first quarter of 2019,” summarised Alexander Szabo.

Do you know that the time limit for the decision on the application for temporary residence for third-country nationals for employment has been shortened to 30 days? Moreover, an agency that has been active for at least three years can now request the temporary residence. At the Manuvia HR Breakfast, we discuss current topics. Do not miss the next event!

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