“I like affecting and managing things,” says Manuvia CEO, ONDŘEJ WYSOGLAD

25. February 2020

He has been working in the HR business since 2005, he knows all its pitfalls and potential very well. He likes taking on new challenges. Also the one to become CEO of Manuvia. Ondřej Wysoglad is able to follow his goal and entice others with his enthusiasm. It will be a ride!

Why did you decide for Manuvia?
“Company Manuvia won me in first sight. The brand has been performing on the market for a short time, however, it was founded in a very sophisticated way. We merged big and stable Czech and Slovak agencies. Our strong know-how in the area of recruitment, foreign hiring, branch network and accommodation capacities give us enormous opportunities. It is a huge motivation for me to manage such an ambitious company.” 

How did you feel when you finally agreed with the offer to become a CEO of Manuvia?
“It was a strong moment, the responsibility, the importance, and the big life change. All that I am facing has popped up in my mind in just a few seconds, and I realize that I was looking forward to it very much.”

What describes you in terms of work best?
I have HR business in my heart. I have been in it for many years and it certainly influenced me in some way. I like the dynamic environment and working with people. That is why I think I am open and friendly at work. As for business, I am more pragmatic, I like to use common sense. As soon as I have my goal, I follow it and I like to entice the whole team. I am not afraid to take responsibility into my hands and decide.”

The structure of the Manuvia group has changed. What is your role within this structure?
My role is to work with my leadership team, to communicate with the whole organization as it is now, and to formulate very clearly what success means in individual areas such as Recruitment, Operations or Business Development. Regarding the organizational structure of the Manuvia group, I am at the forefront of it and I lead a division focused primarily on agency employment and recruitment for temporary and permanent placement.”

What are the Manuvia’s greatest opportunities?
“Manuvia has a huge opportunity to become a leader of the Central European personnel sector.
Our strong financial backgrounds allow us to invest in internal structures, internal team, to find new IT solutions, e.g. chatbot and applications for the agency staff.
I see also a huge potential in maximum utilization of the existing clients and expansion of our activities in Western Europe.”

Where do you see Manuvia in a year?
“I see Manuvia and its teams working as a single compact whole, focused on fulfillment of its goals and customer oriented – be they our business partners or our candidates; and of course, fulfillment of the company financial plan refers to top success for me and my team.”

What do you want to achieve in Manuvia?
“Getting Manuvia among the top Central European agencies represents my personal goal. I want us to be the No. 1 choice for all our clients; providing them with complex personnel solution.”

Can your employees expect any positive changes (benefits, development, career path) with your arrival?
“It’s one of my goals.  Together with my management team, I want to create a strong internal HR strategy that focuses on developing each of potential, career maps, benefit systems, rating systems, etc.”

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