Our regional offices will find, select, hire or employ IT specialists to work for you

We operate in regions known by their highly skilled IT talent and competitive costs: Czech and the Slovak Republic, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary and Serbia, among others.
We can help customers outsource their IT tasks or software development in three flexible modes - Remote, Nearshoring and On-Premise, lowering the total cost for our clients. We also provide traditional recruitment/body shopping in the field of IT.
Manuvia IT is part of Manuvia group, an active player in the CEE market of human resource services, formed by strong companies in the Czech and Slovak Republics, with over 12.000 employees.

Remote IT and outsourcing services from Manuvia IT can help you solve the most pressing challenges in today’s market.

Lack of available IT professionals on the market

Rising salaries of IT professionals

Budgets cuts and increasing targets

Rising overhead/HR costs and legal issues

Our clients

Why Manuvia IT

A pioneer in remote IT, active in 6 countries
No.1 human resources company on the Czech and Slovak market
Internal database with more than 130.000 contacts

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