Company culture is more important than the payment conditions

6. September 2019

Business workshops and trainings are an ideal opportunity to get a new point of view on old things. You have an option to learn from the best about the exerted ways of creating the company culture at the Business Forum: Company culture and communication. The even charged with program starts on 11th of September in Brno.

Eva Vacíková from the innovation centre Empowering Human Potential will continuously go through the whole program with the visitors. The main idea of the whole event are stories about the most successful companies that manage to acquire and keep employees even at times when the job market is not at its strongest.

General partner of this event is also the personal agency Manuvia that perceives this HR event as very important. The event is organized in an unexplored recruitment region with great potential for the job market in the area.

Lecture style will speak to everyone

Business Forum: Company culture and communication offers an interesting and engaging program. From 09:10 to 09:30, you can learn more about how an ideal attractive employer looks to the young generation. You also shouldn’t miss the post #LeaderGuide “Punk” vision of the inter-company networking, from 09:50 to 10:10.

Participating in the panel discussion from 13:30 to 13:55 will be also the Manuvia CEO Peter Dosedla who will outline the theme of adapting foreign employees of the Manuvia agency’s clients – their real experiences, adaptation processes and their influence on the overall company culture. The Business Forum: Company culture and communication will start on 11.09.2019 at Údolní 33, Brno. All organizers, lectors and partners are looking forward to your attendance. Accept the invitation, so that you can scoop up new visions of building the company culture together with other experts and thus contribute to the development of relaxed feelings and happiness of the employees as well as the employer.

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