Personnel Division of Manuvia will be led by Ondřej Wysoglad

20. January 2020

At the beginning of 2020 we are glad to welcome a new member of the management. It is Ondřej Wysoglad, who comes from Adecco and will now manage the division that focuses primarily on the employment and recruitment of candidates for permanent employment, the so-called temporary and permanent placement as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Ondřej Wysoglad has worked in the field of human resources since 2005. For nearly five years, he was Executive Director of Edymax, followed by a career in an international company Adecco. He started to work there in 2011 as Operations Manager, for the last five years he was the CEO of Adecco in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

“We appreciate Ondřej’s experience and believe that he will help us to rank Manuvia among the strongest recruitment agencies in Central Europe,” comments Dušan Letošník, Manuvia Group CEO.

Challenges and strategies

Within the Manuvia Group, Ondřej Wysoglad will be responsible for managing the temporary and permanent placement division.“Manuvia has a tremendous opportunity to become a leader in the field of human resources in Central European. Taking into account our potential with current clients with the development of permanent placement, expanding the capacity of the implementation and staffing division together with the new sales department, we can achieve this goal together,” says Ondřej Wysoglad, the newly appointed CEO of the personnel division.

The HR environment is highly competitive since there is still a strong demand for employees in the marketplace. “We struggle for every customer, so we have to be the best.   The details are decisive,” explained Ondřej Wysoglad. Therefore he will focus on a number of strategic objectives. According to him, to improve the customer experience continuously is of special importance: “For our customers we want to be a partner who will always be able to advise them professionally, offering comprehensive services and flexible solutions.”

We also plan to expand recruitment networks and to strengthen staffing capacities. Innovation has always been an important section for Manuvia. The company is now preparing several technology tools, such as a mobile app for agency employees consisting of a digital wallet, electronic attendance system, and offering the ability to apply for a deposit or loan. Another application will make it easier to communicate with candidates or customers, and chatbot should also be involved.

According to him, the labor market is already constantly changing. Just as cycles of changes in technology and industry are dramatically shortening, jobs are emerging and disappearing quickly, too. While in the 1990s and 2000s the labor market was essentially defined by three basic fields – agriculture, industry and value-added services, today, with a bit of exaggeration, we could divide jobs into disappearing, existing and emerging.

Personal profile

Ondřej Wysoglad comes from Ostrava, he studied at the Pan-European University in Bratislava, Faculty of Economics and Business, and has been living with his family in Prague for the past few years. His hobbies include reading, quad riding, floorball and mushroom hunting.

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