A perfect opportunity for dynamic people

The HR market we operate on is very dynamic, hence we keep our eyes open and we are looking for dynamic people who are motivated to excel themselves. This industry offers ideal opportunities for one’s development and growth.

Get to know our departments

Balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow, budgeting – these are the terms our colleagues working for the Finance Department in all our branch offices use on a daily basis, making sure our expansion makes financial sense and every penny is accounted for.

As a staffing-driven company, our Recruitment is the most important department, the heart and soul of our firm. Recruitment works to satisfy our clients’ needs and execute their orders. Manuvia recruitment – that’s an extensive network of branch offices capable of filling your job vacancies with the best people there are on the market.

Our IT team provides support for all other departments. Moreover, we are preparing our own CRM instrument, ticketing application, we are working on the attendance sheet processing automation system, and we are developing new systems and applications that give us a significant competitive edge.

The Operations Department is in charge of all direct communication with our clients. Colleagues from this department represent our company in all our dealings with our clients and take care of the supplied employees in the field. Moreover, they are also present during relevant meetings and are in charge of orders generating.

Our Human Resources Department searches for new talents to join our company and also looks after our core staff development. We keep abreast of the times and follow the ever-changing trends in HR. As a project-driven department, we make sure individual projects we are implementing lead to one goal – to employ experts who follow the strategic direction our company has chosen.

Office Management Department handles all the paperwork related to any administrative needs our deployed employees might have. Our colleagues working here are responsible for the agenda including more than 12,000 staff members. Thanks to these colleagues, all the paperwork is aalways ready in due time, even if making sure it is so might cost them a few sleepless nights at times.

Our colleagues from the Sales Department always supply us with new projects. They are the ones you meet at the first meeting, they prepare the price offers and draft contracts for you, and they always safely pass the well-prepared project to our Operations team when the time is right. Moreover, you can meet them representing our company at a variety of major HR events, too.

Colleagues in Marketing Department secure sufficient inflow of job seekers for our Recruitment team. In addition, they also work to ensure better visibility of Manuvia brand for our corporate clients, organize conferences, prepare e-books, articles and press releases, take care of our branch offices branding and manage over 3,000 campaigns at the same time.

The main task of Quality Control is to ensure a delivery of good quality products to the end customer. Our colleagues, ‘the quality guys’, are responsible on daily basis for sorting of supplied parts, repairing of faulty pieces, storing and dispatch of the parts to the end customer.

General Application

In case we currently have no vacancy to offer but you still wish to change the international job market with us, let us know here.