Complete services for your satisfaction for over 20 years


Personnel leasing specialists

We have over 12,000 agency employees in over 250 jobs, providing more than 2,000 new employees a month

International recruitment

Our team of more than 100 recruitment staff has 20 offices in 6 countries in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine

Experience-based solutions

We specialise in recruiting since 1998. With years of experience, we provide complete custom-made solutions

Care for employees

Loyal and long-term employees are our priority. Our operating team takes full care of our employees. Their satisfaction and clients' is what matters to us the most

Accommodation capacities

We provide accommodation in more than 100 accommodation units throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics

Flexible transport

We transport employees from 6 countries directly to the workplace through our bus service, public transportation or individually

Our wide range of services will meet your expectations

We focus on employee security and human resources management. We provide a wide range of services from headhunting, recruiting and hiring permanent staff to training, and consulting on personnel strategies.

Personnel Leasing

We specialize in the search and selection of employees. In the year 2018, we employed 16 982 people and currently, we have over 12,000 agency employees for more than 250 jobs, while monthly we provide more than 2,000 new employees. We have successfully filled
over 100,000 job positions thanks to specially trained recruiters and marketing activities, which your offer more attractive to others. Every week we make more than 20,000 phone calls and conduct over 5,000 job interviews monthly. Our internal database includes more than 500,000 business contacts. We can deliver the first candidates to you in 14 days. We focus on employee security and human resources management. We provide a wide range of services from headhunting, recruiting and hiring permanent staff to train, and consulting on personnel strategies.

Manuvia Expert Recruitment

Besides personal leasing, we provide Permanent Placement services for qualified positions and management. Manuvia Expert Recruitment is comprised of a team of HR specialists, who know the specifics of the labour market and know how they can fully assess potential candidates suitable for every operation.


We have 200 coordinators and 50 interpreters for foreign employees. They are available to workers not only at the workplace, but they also help them to handle matters such as visiting a doctor, setting up a bank account, or communicating with the accommodation staff. Manuvia provides more than 800 training sessions per month.

Transportation and accommodation

With our employees, we travel more than 15,000 km a week. We provide their transport directly to the workplace through our own bus transport, public transport and also individually. In addition, we provide them with regular transport from the place of accommodation to employment and flexibly ensure transport even if the planned schedule is changed or the rotation of a job change.

We are the owners of high-quality accommodation facilities, thanks to which employees have reception, a wi-fi connection or free transfer to the workplace available 24-hours a day. Our priority is to provide the workers with pleasant housing at low cost.

We have more than 100 accommodation units with 6,000 beds throughout the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. We provide housing as well as accommodation for couples in hostels, private homes or work housing, whose quality is subject to regular strict control.

Care of employees and clients

Our business is satisfied, loyal and long-term employees. That is why we regularly verify their satisfaction. We always approach the needs of our clients individually, thanks to which we can create a unique recruitment strategy tailored for everyone. We are open to discussion as well as new suggestions or solutions, and we regularly provide our clients with all the information in the form of detailed reports.


In the search for suitable candidates, we carry out sophisticated marketing campaigns with progressive access to more than 15 marketing platforms. More than 2,500 of our campaigns are currently running, with 85% of our total marketing costs used for online advertising in 8 countries. Thanks to our successful investments in the search for candidates we processed 197,300 responses per year from job seekers.

Our own IT Department and Accounting

Our vision is maximum streamlining and automation of working procedures, for which we will build a multiplatform CRM system as well as an intranet portal connected to client systems. At the same time, we are developing mobile and web applications as well as corporate social networking, so that we are always close and at hand to our staff.

Our 12,000 agency employees work more than 2,200,000 hours every month. We manage their finances a reliable and transparent thanks to the team of specialists, controllers and payroll accountants, ensuring the smooth running of payments and all financial transactions.

We will gladly provide you with more information and give an introductory consultation free of charge.